Make Waves Monday

24 Oct 2016

Happy #makewavesmonday ! Little behind here down under but I’m keen to join in the fun for the #InstaTideChallenge with @risingtidesociety
Incase you don’t know me or are new to @littlehoothoot I’m Bec and I’m a wedding stationery designer specialising in hand lettering. I also make and sell cards and prints.

Here are 5 fun facts about me:
1. I’m a lover of chocolate. So much that whenever there is a family birthday I can tell if there is chocolate wrapped up for the birthday boy or girl

2. You know how people can’t function without their coffee in the morning? Well, I can’t function without a nice cold glass of milk.
3. I LOVE Disney. Don’t ever make me pick which Disney movie to watch because I honestly can’t decide!
4. I used to be VERY scared of dogs. I always thought they were cute and loved them from a far but just would never go near them. 5 years ago our family got our first dog – I honestly love Rüger to death and constantly can’t stop hugging the little cutie! Fear of dogs overcome ?

5. When I’m not lettering you can find me playing netball (like a goof) or watching the basketball. I’ve been watching it for years and still have no clue of the rules. But I always love going to support my Sydney team

That’s a little about me – I’d love to hear about you guys. Tell me some interesting facts about you ☺



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