Happy Easter

27 Mar 2016

Wishing you all a happy and safe Easter! x


Happy Valentine’s!

13 Feb 2016

Sending love and positive vibes to everyone today. We’re all deserving of love, no matter what! x
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Free 2016 Calendar

01 Jan 2016


To celebrate the new year here is a free 2016 Calendar! Print it off (A4 in size), bind it, and most importantly; add to it (Important dates, birthdays, colour, doodles, sparkles, you name it!). This is your calendar and your year! Please share with your friends, family and mostly importantly enjoy!

Here’s to it being the most amazing year yet!

So you’ve created your beautiful wrapping paper and it’s now all dry! All that’s left is to wrap your gifts and add a bit of ribbon and some Chrissy tags.

I’m over the moon with how my wrapping paper has turned out and I hope you are too! For my presents I’ve used some black strings and added black tags with some beautiful calligraphy.

Just remember that Christmas isn’t about receiving, it’s about giving and most importantly spending time with loved ones.

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

As Christmas draws closer I thought it would be fun to add a personal touch to my wrapping paper this year!

To make my Chrissy paper:
• Butchers Paper – purchased from ikea (around $6)
• Black Ink – I’ve used Sumi ink which I already had at home. You can purchase some from Daiso for around $3
• Number 2 rounded brush (around $6)

I have used 3 different versions of my sumi ink to create depth and movement throughout the paper:
• Straight Sumi Ink (nothing added at all)
• Half water/half Sumi Ink
• Two thirds Water/ One third Sumi Ink

Switching from the 3 types of ink and sizes of lettering, write onto your piece of paper (cut off to the size that is most comfortable for you. Feel free to use as much or a little as you need of the paper. If you make to much you can always use for next year!) a Christmas phrase. For my paper I have chosen to write ‘Merry Christmas’. Use various sizing and styles (script, uppercase, lowercase) to cover your whole piece of paper. Don’t be afraid if you drop ink onto your paper or write over words, it all adds to the design (and I personally love ink splats)!

Once you have completed covering your paper leave to dry.

Today is the official launch day of the littlehoothoot website!

As part of the celebration here is a free desktop wallpaper to use on your desktop or if you’re feeling creative, even print it off and place in a frame. So, please share with your friends, family and mostly importantly enjoy!


Littlehoothoot is the design work of Sydney based designer Bec Conlon. A passionate lover of type and all things design.